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Expense Management

Take control of your network.
Managing your telecom expenses has never been easier.

Telecommunication Auditing

Our skilled auditors will thoroughly evaluate your current network and provide you with a full-rate analysis. We’ll even compare your billing statements with current contract and tariff rates to ensure you’re being charged correctly for the services you use.

Once the audit is complete, we’ll present you with a detailed analysis of our findings. This analysis identifies errors and inefficiencies and recommends ways for improvement.

We’ll gladly resolve these issues for you or provide you with the necessary information to resolve them yourself. In either case, we’ll get you moving in the right direction.

No matter your decision, it's a win-win situation. You’ll be given full visibility to your organization’s services, as well as reassurance that billing errors have been corrected and that unused services have been disconnected. We’ll also make sure your rates and services are accurate moving forward.

Allied Communication finds billing errors or unrealized efficiencies in 70% of the companies it audits. Schedule an audit today and have the peace of mind that comes with maximizing productivity and eliminating shortcomings.

Expense Management

Allied Communication offers comprehensive, proactive solutions to enterprise telecommunication and energy expense management.

By utilizing a secure web-based platform, our commercial and government customers have an integrated view of their telecommunication and energy resources.

This state-of-the-art technology allows for automated monthly rate analysis, reconciliation, and cost center allocation. It also makes collaboration between information technology, facilities management, and finance departments easier.

Allied’s unique approach has helped its customers realize an average savings of 10% to 30%. To schedule an initial consultation with one of our experts, contact Allied Communication today.

We're in the business of helping you reduce costs and operate more efficiently. And when it comes to cutting costs, every cent counts.