Website: http://www.cbeyond.net

More Than Just a Phone Company

Our Network Is The Network The Bell Companies Would Build If They Started Today

Cbeyond is the world's first 100% Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Local Telephone Company. Working closely with Cisco Systems, our technology partner, Cbeyond has developed and now operates very simple network architecture as compared to the complex networks of legacy providers. It is a single network with a single protocol and single provisioning interface for all voice and data services. Voice packets get priority over data packets through the network and a softswitch provides the intelligent call control. The intelligence of the network lends itself to an increasing level of customer directed network changes, and seamless growth from incremental service adoption.

We install an Integrated Access Device on the customer premise and connect it to a broadband, T-1. Voice calls travel over a dedicated IP connection and never travel over the public Internet; allowing Cbeyond to manage the Quality of Service to 99.999%. Our Integrated Access Device connects with our customer's existing phone and LAN systems to provide a complete package of high quality local, LD and high-speed Internet.

Our network is cheaper to build, and cheaper to maintain. It is the network every traditional telephone company would build if they started today. And it gives us tremendous advantages in serving our customers:

  • An integrated package of the communications tools that a small business needs - voice, high speed T1 Internet access and IP-based applications such as email, webhosting and VPN at affordable pricing;
  • Advanced technology to manage available voice lines and data bandwidth over a full T1, delivering maximum flexibility and the highest possible upload and download speeds;
  • One network and one business support system to create a streamlined, seamless communications experience;
  • Faster and smoother installations with industry leading installation timeframes, usually less than 30 days;
  • One simple, easy to understand bill;
  • One point of contact for support;
  • Anytime access to online account tools where customers can monitor, manage or instantly change service themselves.